Commission info [closed]

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• extra character: +75%
• simple BG for free


• extra character: +75%
• simple BG for free
• detailed BG.:
(depends on complexity)


• extra character: +75%
• simple BG for free
• detailed BG.:
(depends on complexity)


• Humans/humanoids/half-humans (elves, mermaids, half dragons, etc)
• Your OC
• Fanarts
• Fantasy characters
• Light nudity
• Real people portraits
(in my style)


• Porn/18+
• Furry
• Gore
• Fetishes
• Machinery/robots (I'm okay with robotic body parts)
• Architecture/interior


• I work on full prepayment
• I accept payment in USD
• I use Paypal only
• When payment is sent, there is no refunds except if I can’t finish the image for some reason
• I use invoices. Therefore I will need your paypal email and preferrably the name too so I can bill the right people


• Write me a note and describe your order. We will discuss everything
• Please, add reference images (photos or drawings) in description. The more you send and write – the better. I'll also ask you questions if something will be not clear
• I will start drawing only after you send me full payment
• Once I receive the payment, I am putting you on the next free slot in the queue
• While drawing, I can send you process of art to make sure the composition looks nice to you and you can make changes to the work
• In the end I will send you an art (jpeg or png 300dpi)


It will take about several days to 1 month later after payment had been sent.
If it takes longer, I’ll let you know


• Big fixes on the first steps are free! But not more than 3 changes
• I have the right to post commissions in my galleries. I will post them on my social media websites
• You can submit your commission to your gallery, but must give the link to my page or mention my name as the artist
• Please DO NOT pass it as your own art or resell my art in any way, you CAN’T use my art for ANY COMMERCIAL USE
• If you want to order something for a commercial project, the price for that kind of work will be x2. These rates are substantiated by my obligation of a non-publication
• I reserve the right to refuse your commission for whatever reason should I wish. I will explain the reason for the refusal

If you are not sure that I would/wouldn’t draw your idea, please ask me, I’d like to think ( ˙꒳˙ )

Thank you for your attention! I'll be happy to work with you! ~
Feel free to ask questions, I'm ready to discuss with you any details

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